I’m a collector. I collect comics, video games, and movies. The last of which comprises most of my collection. Seeing as how I still live with my parents, my collection is still confined to my room, which has been for the past few months, getting really cluttered.

I have a slight backlog of movies. I try to watch one a day, then go back and revisit what I have in my library of films. I know I’ve got a lot, because it numbers in the thousands. I’ve got some that I’m going to offload, because suffice to say, I don’t think I’ll ever be seeing them again. Thankfully I have ways of getting them for cheap. Mainly 2 video stores that I go to which sell used new release rentals between $6 and $9. Some I even get at a bargain rate of 4 for $10. E-bay is also a good source for out of print dvds that can be had at cheap prices when you go looking at the right time. It’s an addiction, and I know I’m not the only one. We’ve got to go out and get our special editions because we know they’ll be collectible, but sometimes we just end up getting suckered into buying crap that’s been neatly bow tied.

I’ve stopped buying most 2 disc releases because of that damned digital copy bullshit. The digital copy takes up the second disc, and all of the bonus features are on disc 1. This is definitely money I know I’ll be able to save for something better, or if the 1 disc release has at least a few of the special features as the 2 disc. Nowadays the blu-ray costs as much as the standard special edition dvd, case in point Punisher: War Zone, so if you’ve got a blu ray player, like I do, at least you know the money’s being spent on it well.

I also dropped $78 at Deep Discount for the Resident Evil 5 collector’s edition. I mainly got it for the nifty metal case the game comes in. Was the entire set worth the price? Not really, but the one comfort I get is that I didn’t pay the near 100 bones that it’s going for in the stores. I know I’ll keep on getting movies, but from now on I’m going to have to try to curb my spending, and only get movies I really want to keep, or I know I’ll at least watch more than once.

Rene’s song of the day: “Walk On Water” (the demo version) by Ozzy Osbourne

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