You guys are about to go nuts:

Steven Spielberg and Will Smith are trying to secure the remake rights to Oldboy (proud member of the CHUD Essential Appendix!), the classic Korean film about a man who is mysteriously kidnapped and held in captivity for fifteen years before escaping and seeking his revenge. It’s part of Chan-Wook Park’s stunning Vengeance Trilogy, which includes Sympathy for Mr. Vengeance and Lady Vengeance.

Spielberg and Smith have been looking to work together according to the trades, and remaking a movie neither of them have the guts to do right seems to be the perfect project for them.

What I like about this news is that it will likely tear the internet apart. We hate remakes, but we love Spielberg! We hate Will Smith, but we love Spielberg! We hate black people taking roles originated by other races, but it’s a Korean film, so they were gonna change the race anyway!

Let me just say this: this is such a rotten idea. I can’t even wait to see how Spielberg fucks up the original’s deeply dark ending. Who would have imagined that I would have preferred seeing Justin Lin direct a movie over Steven Spielberg!