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Lost in the Sun is about an estranged father and son relationship that gets repaired through a series of small crimes and chance encounters during a road trip. Louis is a young man whose mother has just passed away when the story begins. He has been told that he will be traveling by bus to go live with his grandparents, but when a strange man tells him that he will be riding with him instead, Louis embarks on a journey that leads him towards a better understanding of himself and the relationship he never had with his absent father.

Josh Duhamel’s performance as John, the smalltime criminal who takes his son on the road, is great and moving and full of conviction. The narrative is a difficult and personal tale that explores themes of abandonment, self struggle and the tragedy of unrealized potential. John is a character struggling with trying to get by through borrowing money and occasionally committing robberies at gunpoint because he feels like he is at his lowest. When he takes his son on the road, him and Louis form a bond that brings hope to each of them.

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Louis is left alone when his mother dies and at her funeral he is approached by John who has been gone all his life. When John convinces him that he was sent by Louis’ grandparents to pick him up and drive him across Texas to their home, the two begin on a journey that teaches them both values they never knew. John’s criminal activity winds up getting them into a lot of trouble and along the way the two come across a mother and daughter that impact their lives heavily. The events that take place along this trip changes their lives forever.

Lost in the Sun is familiar and works as a solid independent drama that explores very personal characters that struggle with very intimate issues. Actors Josh Duhamel and Josh Wiggins give strong performances at the father and son duo who work through their difficulties to eventually form a real relationship. Lynn Collins does great work here as the traveling mother Mary they meet along the way and her delivery in one of the films most intense moments is stirring. Overall this is a touching family drama that delivers a strong message about dealing with loss, regret and trying to repair the damages made by personal mistakes.

Hawkins’ Rating:

Out of a Possible 5 Stars

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