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In Uncanny, a young inventor and robotics expert is being interviewed about his newest creations when he unveils a near perfect android. As the interview continues over the course of a week, signs begin to show that the incredibly humanlike robot may be developing an unstable and possibly dangerous Artificial Intelligence. When the android finally lashes out at his creator, secrets are unveiled and the true plot of the film shows itself for what it is.

I think the performances and the tone of the film work well here with the story that explores how Artificial Intelligence can be unpredictable. Writer Shahin Chandrasoma really digs in to the way we treat technology today and how easy it is to be deceived and manipulated by things that you may not truly understand. The film is led by Mark Webber, David Clayton Rogers and Lucy Griffiths and features a brief appearance by Rainn Wilson. Each actor brings good performances to the table and all work to help build a sense of tension and threat.

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The story begins when interviewer Joy Andrews is assigned to detail the robotics work of the brilliant David Kressen. When he reveals his most advanced creation, an advanced and almost entirely humanlike android named Adam, she marvels at his achievement. After a few days of monitoring the robot and engaging it in conversation and activity, she begins to suspect that Adam is becoming unstable and may be a potential threat at any time.

Director Matthew Leutwyler has crafted a smart and tense film here that explores many of the themes that are common today with how we use and interact with technology. The practical and visual effects on screen look good and the cinematography is sharp and suits the film’s setting well. This is a very intimate work and at times it can drag, but for an independent film tackling these kinds of themes, it’s worth it if not only for the reveal at the end.

Hawkins’ Rating:

Out of a Possible 5 Stars

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