Hard to believe that with all of the non-starts on his projects and extracurricular activity Joss Whedon has been busying himself with of late, that it’s in fact been over four years since there’s been a Whedon-produced series on the air (WB/CW execs: you think I’ve forgotten about Angel?  Screw you all sideways with a rusty cheese grater).  However, light was discovered at the end of a long tunnel with the announcement that Buffy and Angel vet Eliza Dushku was returning to the Whedonverse with the new Fox series Dollhouse.

Production geared up in April and the show about operatives called “Actives” or “Dolls” who have their identities erased and new ones implanted before each mission is set as a midseason replacement in January.  It’s slated to air Mondays before 24, which itself has been on a two-year holiday.  Dushku will play Echo, one of the Dolls who starts to become self aware.  The show is set to be a true Buffyverse reunion as Elizabeth Fain, Sarah Craft, Tim Minear and Steven DeKnight are all on board as show runners and consulting producers respectively.

The first promo is now online.  As long as there’s a pink Corvette and a Malibu beach house on the menu, I’m definitely down.

Thanks to Barry for the tip.