It’s the sixth of the month, which means a new Watchmen video journal has come online. The focus this time is on the Juspeczyk family. That is, the two generations (mother and daughter) of women who wore the Silk Spectre outfit. We see new shots of Malin Ackerman fighting in costume as the second Silk Spectre, including a great behind the camera take of the scene where she drops down through the ceiling of a burning corridor as seen in the early teaser. But the focus is really on Carla Gugino as her mother Sally. The drunk, depressed older Sally is a minor but powerful character in the novel, as in youth she was a key part of the key hero team The Minutemen.

Even with the amount of practical and digital aging some scenes will require, Gugino has seemed like a great choice for the role. She’s got the glamour necessary to make the original Silk Spectre come to life, and we see that in action here. There’s no hint, however, of the assault that will likely be her most powerful scene in the film, which will likely fuel more foolish speculation that it has been cut.