I’m excited about Quentin Tarantino’s star-studded [Til Schweiger in the house!] romp in the battlefields but I have to admit that I’m nearly as interested to see how Sylvester Stallone’s new directorial effort comes out, especially in the wake of the massive squib fest that is Rambo.

The Expendables. Written, directed by, and starring Sly. Co-Starring Jason Statham and Jet Li. A story about a team of mercenaries overthrowing a South American dictator.

Are you kidding me? Sign my ass up!

Back when I was involved in the development for a feature based on Jagged Alliance, a video game adaptation about a team of mercenaries who overthrow a South American dictator we’d talked about how Stallone was perfect for it, even going as far as to suggest Millenium Films as partners. Odd coincidences, but the end result is a film that’ll most likely mix the old fashioned team-based combat film genre with Stallone’s own personalized mayhem techniques and where Tarantino will probably deliver a bloated and lengthy epic you can count on Stallone being in and out in an hour and twenty-six.

Stallone. Statham. Li. With guns. Blowing shit up.

Expendable this ain’t.