You thought Mickey Rourke and Jason Statham starring in a movie about an underground Russian roulette club was about as badass as you could get? Fuck no, it just got badasser. Ray Liotta and Ray Winstone have signed on to also hold guns to their heads and pray for empty chambers.

And now we have some good details on who is doing what in this remake, which is written and directed by original writer/director Gela Babluani. Control star (and least badass in the cast) Sam Riley will play the protagonist, who stumbles on the Russian roulette club, where the wealthy bet on the outcome of matches. Mickey Rourke plays a convict sprung from a Mexican prison to play in the tournament, while 50 Cent is his bodyguard. Winstone will play a lunatic sprung from an insane asylum, and Statham will play a rich Brit betting on the proceedings. Liotta will be a cop hot on the trail of the underground club.

I said this the last time I wrote about the remake, but I’ll restate it – with this cast it’s hard for me to get too upset about trodding the same ground twice. I can’t wait to see Winstone’s brains on the floor! In a good way, I totally dig him.