Sometimes things come across the transom that are so patently ridiculous that I don’t even bother acknowledging them. Such a thing happened last week when I got an email from a mysterious source directing me to a site called, a site which seemed to be revealing piece by piece (sort of a la the Joker) who will be playing Wonder Woman in an upcoming movie. Revealed: Megan Fox.

Except the whole thing was totally phony, and obviously so. I didn’t even need to do a WhoIs lookup to be sure, but I did one anyway, and what do you know – it wasn’t Warner Bros who registered the site, despite the Warner Bros logo being on the Wonder Woman image. I simply deleted the email.

But I underestimated the internet, and this thing kept going around, so thanks to JoBlo for doing the final debunking and simply asking Warner Bros if the site was legit and simply getting the answer ‘no.’

So there you go. I wouldn’t be holding my breath on a Wonder Woman film in the near future. But if you wanted to start getting worked up about Green Lantern

And if someone wants to tell me why people waste their time and money on phony stuff like this, I’d appreciate the enlightenment.