Comedy Central
MSRP: $26.98
RATED:  Not Rated
RUNNING TIME: 264 Minutes
- Original Life Lessons Introduced by Eric Cartman


The Pitch

South Park‘s most famous citizen indoctrinates the masses.

C’mon everybody, we’ve got quiltin’ to do.

The Humans

Trey Parker, Matt Stone and Isaac Hayes

The Nutshell

Eric Cartman has committed a lot of atrocities over the last eleven-twelve years of the show. Today, we observe his greatest hits. Giving his friends AIDS, faking his way through Tourette’s and teaching inner-city kids how to cheat on standardized tests. Cartman is the best there is at what he does and everyone will learn to fear him. Laughs will be had, Jews will be insulted. This is the stuff that Emmys pass over for the most part.

The Lowdown

South Park has been more miss than hit recently. I don’t give a shit about giant guinea pigs or Obama robbing the Smithsonian. I’m tired of Parker and Stone trying to come down on both sides of the socio-political climate. What happened to the fun of telling a story about someone’s parents being turned into Chili? I miss that South Park. Fortunately, a couple of those episodes appear on the set.

AIDS! Laugh, damn it! Laugh!

The set includes episodes ranging from the time that Cartman bought an amusement park to the little guy’s battle against Family Guy. What kills me is the fact that 2/3 of these episodes are available on previously released season sets. Hell, these episodes are also pretty popular and are still in standard rotation on Comedy Central. Why anyone bother to spend the cash on three or four episodes that they could download off XBOX Live?

The Audacity of Hope doesn’t mean shit if you’re named after a luxury car and have three kids before you’re sixteen.

The episodes are funny enough, but the fans have seen them. No one out there can tell me that they haven’t seen Scott Tenorman eat his parents. No one can tell me that they haven’t seen the Muslim response to the Family Guy Muhammed cartoon. When a property hits the point of complete media saturation, it’s hard to get people to buy your product. There are way too many outlets to watch these episodes and the steep MSRP is too much for this release. I say that you should skip it.

The best thing South Park has done in years.

The following episodes are included in the set. Justify spending around two bucks or more on each outing.

Disc One
• “Scott Tenorman Must Die”

• “Awesome-O”

• “The Death of Eric Cartman”

• “Cartoon Wars Part I”

• “Cartoon Wars Part II”

• “La Petit Tourette”

Disc Two
• “Tonsil Trouble”

• “Eek, a Penis!”

• “Cartmanland”

• “Up the Down Steroid”

• “Super Fun Time”

• “Ginger Kids”

The truth is finally spoken.

The Package

technical specs are extremely solid, which is good considering the cheaper animation in the first five seasons. The audio is crisp and each character’s dialogue never overlaps. The new animation created as intro bumpers for the episodes works. But, it’s a quick joke that’s quickly overshadowed by the accompanying episode. Cartman hates Jews…how edgy!

5.0 out of 10