Warner Brothers
MSRP: $27.98
RATED:  Not Rated
RUNNING TIME: 393 Minutes
– Commentary

– Featurettes


The Pitch

Christmas as envisioned by Acme.

Chuck Jones means more to me than Santa Claus.

The Humans

Boris Karloff, Thurl Ravenscroft, Shirley Booth, Mickey Rooney and June Foray

The Nutshell

Warner Brothers has decided to package together three or four Christmas specials that are beloved by generations. Then, they found room for other crap to fill out the discs. Much has been made about the foul-up on Disc 2. Apparently, The Year without a Santa Claus was meant to be included. Some sets will be packaged with a Martin Lawrence holiday short instead of the beloved animated feature. My review copy included the animated version, so I don’t know how widespread the problem might have been.

The Lowdown

Too many people have a fond reverence for television Holiday Specials. I’m no different. Hell, I waited in line to buy Paul Lynde’s Halloween Special when Shout Factory put it out on DVD. I had to have the first television appearance of KISS as well as that Suzi Quattro performance. But, that’s different. I can keep my fondness for live versions of King of the Nighttime World to myself. People who tend to obsess over Holiday Cartoons take that shit to near Twilight levels.

Dick Cheney’s true form (artist’s rendition pictured above)

There isn’t a lot to 22 minutes of moralistic takes on what Christmas means. Green ogres tell you not to steal shit. Santa Claus and Rudolph prove that faith and bravery can save Christmas. Mice await shit on the Night Before Christmas. There’s not any material here that is going to furrow the brow. So, why do we watch this stuff? Well, it’s junk food for the ocular cavity.

It’s not larceny if it’s Christian.

The animated specials contained here celebrate styles and aesthetic choice long forgotten. When employed today, it’s merely to call back to a simpler time or parody. But, the shows work as simple reminders to children to be good during the Holidays. Otherwise, The Grinch will steal your AT-AT Walker and take a shit in your stocking. Didatic terror through animation is such a neat concept.

Blackwater puts on the best puppet shows.

If any of the screencaps cover shows that you love, then pick it up. But, if you’re strapped for cash…leave the television on. This material will be aired ad nauseum on joints such as Fox Family Channel. Do you really need to spend the cash on watching Rudolph and Frosty’s B-Reel? Save that cash.

Rankin & Bass presents Your Parents Fucking.

The Package

technical specs are extremely solid, which is surprising considering how many times this shit has hit DVD. The special features are all sanctimonous bullshit about how much Christmas means to them. I don’t care. I hate everyone’s obsession with watching magic flying rodents fist-fuck Santa Claus. Unfortunately, this bitch will clear 200K in sales.

5.5 out of 10