In a shocking, mirror-universian twist, PS3 BioShock owners can finally gloat over exclusive downloadable content. 

Arriving at the Playstation store on Novermber 20th, the exclusive “Challenge Room” content is priced at a modest $9.99, and will feature a series of extra-narrative rooms that will, by all accounts, be challenging.

Better yet, the challenge rooms appear to be set in an abandoned subaquatic death carnival.  Spooky.

The rooms will include the following scenarios:

 –  A Shocking Turn of Events: Rescue a Little Sister from atop a ruined ferris wheel.
 – The I in Team: Defeat a Big Daddy while facing severe ammunition and resource constraints.
 – Worlds of Hurt: Fight through eight deadly rooms and rescue a Little Sister.

After losing out to Microsoft over Grand Theft Auto 4 content and getting utterly shafted by Bethesda over a buggy, content-and-trophy-free Fallout 3 port, this is some much needed good news for PS3 owners.