Preacher could very well be my favorite comic series of all time. Only Transmetropolitan and Alan Moore’s run on Swamp Thing are worthy contenders for me, but the story of Jesse Custer and his band of badasses has always been so damn perfect. I really hope that the TV show will be able to capture a lot of that in one way or another.

So, here it is. Our first real glimpse at this beast. I will reserve any substantive criticisms or insights for when the full trailer dumps this Sunday, but as far as visual style goes, I’m feeling pretty good about this. We get a few quickie shots of Cassidy (after seeing Lockout, I have a lot of faith in Joseph Gilgun), Jesse doing his barroom brawl thing (that happens a lot in the comic. It’s even how Jesse and Cassidy do some bonding!), a shot of someone falling out of the sky (Jesse?), some dead guy that has army men fused into his head (…what?), and out first real peek at Dominic Cooper as JC himself. Nothing to love or hate so far, and I can guarantee you I’ll be picking apart the full version of this thing like the pathetic dweeb I am.

I know this show is going to play loose with the comic, and I’m okay with that. I don’t want a Sin City-esque fealty to the source material. I just want that brash, crass, and juvenile glee to come through. Will it? Too early to tell, but Lord knows I’ll be praying for it all the way up to the show’s premiere next year.

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