The amount of discussion regarding Steven Soderbergh’s two-part film about the iconic and poorly bearded revolutionary Che Guevara has ranged from “tragic failure” to “visionary masterpiece” to “they made a movie about my t-shirt?” to “where does this fit into The Motorcycle Diaries continuity?” but one thing is for sure: the film is a big deal.

Devin saw it recently and is still apparently digesting it before unloading his surely literary review that’ll make you wonder when became deep and intelligent.

In the meantime, enjoy the trailer. I found it to be quite effective both in conveying a powerful vision and making me wish I’d brought more Cuban cigars from the Bahamas. I’m a Soderbergh apologist, save a few efforts and personally love seeing him go his own way, so color me enthused and optimistic about watching a lot of Spanish unfold before my very eyes when this sucker finally makes its footprint in theaters.

Thanks to Brian Henne for the head’s up!