I have got to say that I honestly admire the balls that Sacha Baron Cohen has.  The guy has little to no compunction about getting into whatever character get up he has going and jumping into the heart of what would promise to be some very uncomfortable situations…and filming it for movies.  I loved Borat and there were plenty of times I thought that the guy must have been at the very least physically threatened and probably decked by someone he pissed off at least once.

Now he’s back as his character of Bruno, and marching at a Yes on Prop 8 rally here in California for a new movie based on the character.  For those of you who don’t live in California, there’s no hotter potato on the the ballot than Proposition (Prop) 8, which is the measure to ban gay marriage by amending the state constitution.  The right was granted back in May by the California Supreme Court, which spurred a flurry of state-recognized, legal gay marriages.  Those who are against it immediately went into legal action, by threatening lawsuits, and then getting Prop 8 on tomorrow’s ballot.  A Yes vote on Prop 8 means you favor eliminating the current gay right to marry in this state and a No vote means you’re for keeping things as they currently stand.  We Californians have been bombarded by TV and radio ads for months on both sides of the issue and my personal take is that Tuesday can’t get here fast enough.

What’s pictured above is that Cohen, as Bruno, a gay Austrian fashion designer, is marching with the Yes crowd, which is roughly the California equivalent of Jesse Jackson attending a Klan rally.  It wasn’t long before Cohen was recognized by news reporters and then had to quickly flee the scene.  I for one can’t can’t wait to see how this plays out on the screen.  

Thanks to Feral for the tip.