If you read CHUD and aren’t at least a teeny bit excited forĀ Ash vs. Evil Dead, I think we need to start seeing other websites. Fans of Sam Raimi’s best franchise (don’t bring your web-slinging sympathies in here! And Darkman doesn’t count, I’m sorry) have been clamoring for a continuation of Ashley Williams’ story, and Starz has given the Chinliest of Chins his day in the sun. If you weren’t convinced that this show would be worth your time, Starz has put up the first three minutes (four with promo stuff as bookends) on YouTube for your viewing pleasure.

And it’s a hoot. Bruce Campbell is fully embracing Ash’s schlubby nature, and the laughs look to be non-stop with this. If you don’t laugh at least once during that preview, maybe you need to get your funnybone checked out.

Ash vs. Evil Dead premieres this Halloween. Reload your boomsticks. And keep your eyes peeled here on CHUD, because we’ll definitely be doing recaps of this.

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