Having just finished a rewatch of Daredevil, I think that Marvel’s Netflix shows have a lot of ground to cover. The first season of that show was quite good, but it also served as a season-long foundation to what could very clearly be an even better show. I don’t know if my familiarity with Daredevil affected that viewpoint, but seeing as I know next to nothing about the character of Jessica Jones (other than some cursory Wikipedia knowledge), the inaugural season of her show is going to have even more heavy lifting to do.

I will say that this trailer has me thoroughly intrigued. The idea of an ex-superhero becoming a private eye is inherently cool, but adding the whole mystery of Kilgrave a.k.a. The Purple Man (David Tennant) into the mix makes everything really fun. His introduction in this trailer is effectively creepy, and those shots of the police station with everyone held at gunpoint are great.

I only worry that this show is going to have to pull double duty in setting up Luke Cage for his own show. Considering that naturally superpowered humans (their powers weren’t caused by an accident) aren’t an enormous deal in the MCU yet (are Quicksilver and Scarlet Witch the only ones we’ve encountered?), I wonder if this is fact is going to play into the show in a big way. The conversation between Jessica and Luke about their abilities seems like it could be a nice moment of realization that there’s someone else out there like you.

This is also a substantial endeavor for Marvel since it’s their first female-centric property. Krysten Ritter isn’t exactly knocking my socks off in this trailer, but it’s a trailer so I’m more than willing to cut her some slack. She gets a few good moments here (the look she gives to the guy whose car she’s lifting is great) and I hope she’s able to give us another worthy addition to the MCU stable.

The first season of Jessica Jones awaits your binge-watching on November 20.

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