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Guy Bowls 300, Keels Over Dead

A Michigan man bowled a perfect 300 game, then collapsed and died moments later.

Uncle Mitch’s Take: “Yeah this ain’t exactly TV news, but if the guy got laid in the bathroom, had a bag of White Castles as his last meal with a side bottle of Jack…that’s pretty much the perfect death.”

Fox has reportedly ceased orders for new episodes of the Mike Judge animated show in order to make room for new toons.

Uncle Mitch’s Take: “What’s the quickest way to Fox HQ with a truckload of guns?”

Following in the steps of his running mate, Sen. John McCain is slated to appear on Saturday Night Live

Mitch’s Take: “This could get awkward if they ask him to play Obama.”

With a long history of working for NBC in the Aaron Sorkin shows The West Wing and the short-lived Studio 60 On The Sunset Strip, Bradley Whitford is set to return in the network in the pilot, Off Duty

Uncle Mitch’s Take: “I…I got nothin’.”

7 Sexy Sci-fi Costumes for Halloween ran a little piece on seven spankworthy Halloween costumes for the hottie in your life.

Mitch’s Take: “After getting boned by the Prequel Trilogy, this is your chance to return the favor. “

The Ghost Hunters are getting set tonight for their live Halloween special at Fort Delaware.

Uncle Mitch’s Take: “WTF?!  Ain’t these they guys who snaked my toilet last week?”

During halftime of last week’s Niners loss to the Seahawks, San Francisco Coach Mike Singletary dropped his pants in the locker room as a motivational ploy out of frustration.

Mitch’s Take: “To be honest, I didn’t make it past the headline on this story.”

Mad Men star Jon Hamm may be getting a recurring role on 30 Rock as a potential love interest for Liz Lemon (Tina Fey).

Uncle Mitch’s Take: “Psyched.  Can’t wait.  Who is this guy again?”

Top Model Goes Dutch

The six remaining contestants on America’s Next Top Model head to Amsterdam on the show.

Mitch’s Take: “Now these chicks can finally do legally what they do every week just to try to get a friggin’ modeling contract.”

Celebrity contestant Brooke Burke injured her foot during rehearsal on Dancing With The Stars.

Uncle Mitch’s Take: “Shit.  Is this gonna affect the competition?  Is it?  If anybody knows, don’t hold out on me for Chissakes!  Is it gonna affect the competition?  Jesus, I can’t believe this.  Dude, tell me it’s not gonna affect the competition…”

Courtney Cox is set to return to television in the comedy pilot, Cougar TownScrubs alums, creator Bill Lawrence and writer Kevin Biegel, are scripting.

Mitch’s Take: “Cougar Town? Ain’t that the ‘burg Sarah Palin was Mayor of?