We’ve seen a couple of Valkyrie spots already, and each brands the film with a slightly different iron. War movie, thriller, and now Big Important Historical Drama.

The latest and last theatrical trailer spells out the plot in sixty-point letters: Hitler is bad, mmmkay, and we’re going to kill him. This is the trailer to run in front of every other piece of big Oscar-bait this year. It’s heavy on plot and Importance, and thick with the many non-Cuise actors assembled by Bryan Singer: Bill Nighy, Terence Stamp, Kenneth Branagh, Tom Wilkinson. I like how this version blends in the red line penetrating the map of Hitler’s bunker that we saw in the one-sheet, and I feel that it’ll sell to the people who flock to see Ed Zwick movies, which is exactly the audience the film needs. 

See the new trailer in pretty Quicktime at Yahoo.