Samuel L. Jackson must have discovered that he had a couple of microseconds free in his ridiculous filming schedule, so he made a call to Quentin Tarantino and got himself a spot on the roster of Inglorious Basterds as the narrator.  Shocking, no?  Considering the history of director and actor, and the fact that Jackson will appear in a suppositories commercial if he thinks it’s interesting, no, not really. 

What might be a bit of a surprise, however, is the good people over at The Playlist broke the story that Maggie Cheung has also been cast.  She’ll be playing Madame Mimieux, the French owner of a local Cinemateque that shelters protagonist Shoshanna (Melanie Laurent) when she’s being hunted by the Nazis.  While this may seem to be a bit out of place, Cheung is fluent in French, as noted by her work in Clean an Irma Vep.

This, along with recent other casting news, and pictures, is definitely keeping the interest level piqued.

Thanks to Jan for the tip.