If you aren’t familiar with The Venture Bros., I envy you. You now have a chance to discover the greatest pop culture parody cartoon of all time. You should go and do that right now. What starts off as a jokey take on Hanna Barbera cartoons eventually opens up into an enormous universe that lampoons everything it can get its hands on. The real miracle is that creators Jackson Publick and Doc Hammer take this satire and build their own wonderfully interconnected and deep mythology out of it. It’s a masterful series and is easily my favorite comedic cartoon of all time.

And now we have a trailer for the sixth season! There’s a lot to pick up from season five (especially the relationship between The Monarch and Dr. Venture), but I’m even more excited to see Dr. Mrs. The Monarch as part of the Council of 13. Also, Nathan Fillion is coming back as the Spider-Man spoof Brown Widow. And Dean is going to college! So proud of him. It’ll also be intriguing to see how the Ventures cope with an exorbitant fortune at their

There also looks to be a Satanic grim reaper/horseman of the apocalypse guy and devil versions of Rusty and Billy. Never a dull moment of The Venture Bros.

The new season premieres on February 7.

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