Sometimes, I wonder which Internet causes are genuine and which ones are satire. I want to believe (whoops, mixing up my sci-fi properties) that #BoycottStarWarsVII is a joke, but it seems like it isn’t. Why is there a backlash against Star Wars: The Force Awakens? Because it’s anti-white.


According to a handful of tweets, Star Wars: The Force Awakens, “is anti-white propaganda promoting white genocide,” and is, “nothing more than a social justice propaganda piece that alienates its core audience of young white males.”

If you really want to delve into the whiny idiocy of this hashtag and the delusional losers who actually believe in this stuff, be my guest. Me? I’m going to use my favorite weapon against rampant stupidity: humor.

I’ll probably keep this up for most of the night. Lampooning a bunch of batshit racists is too much fun. Feel free to join the fun with your own tweets. Post them in the comments below!

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