I got some notoriety when I called The DaVinci Code ‘retarded,’ and I stand by that statement. That movie was so fucking stupid it was stunning. And then there was the matter of Tom Hanks’ hair. Good lord.

Well, I don’t know if Angels & Demons, the sequel (I think? It was the book before DaVinci, but I think the movie version doesn’t follow that timeline), is any smarter than the first film, but Tom Hanks has a better haircut. And that’s really all we can ask for at this point.

The first teaser for the film is online now, and it looks like it might make some of the Christians who got so mad at The DaVinci Code happier – this time Tom Hanks is trying to save the Catholic Church from the Illuminati, not find the bloodline of Christ. Of course saving the Catholic Church will probably just piss off the Evangelicals anyway, since they see the Pope as a servant of the Devil or some shit.

Click here to watch the super quick teaser.