I’ve been thinking about starting a column that lists cool theatrical showings of old films across the country*, and it’s looking more and more like a great idea. If I did have a column like that, this announcement would be right at the top:

Anthology Film Archives is doing a midnight screening of Ken Russell’s The Devils tomorrow at midnight – with Russell in attendance! What an awesome opportunity.

You may not be familiar with The Devils because it remains criminally not available on DVD, but it is a truly fucked up, intense movie. Oliver Reed is a 17th century priest who, at the behest of Vanessa Redgrave, becomes the confessor at a nunnery. Things go badly for him, though, when he’s accused of bewitching the nuns. Filled with torture and horror and sex, The Devils is just an incredible film. It’s certainly the best nunsploitation film ever made, which isn’t really saying much, but it’s a beautiful movie with some exceptionally transgressive material. Redgrave masturbates with a charred human femur!

And getting Ken Russell in person… a real treat. Russell is an old dude, so this could be one of your last chances. Go to your Halloween parties tomorrow night but get your ass to the Anthology Film Archives – 32 Second Ave. at 2nd St – for this once in a lifetime screening. And it’s just 8 bucks!

Click here for more info.

*I’ll need big help with this, so if you’re interested in volunteering, drop me an email at devin at chud.com/