STUDIO: Disinformation Company
MSRP: $9.95
RATED: Not Rated
RUNNING TIME: 98 minutes

Misc. Happenings


The Pitch

Michael Moore beats a dead horse. This time with college students.

The Humans

Michael Moore, Joan Baez, Tom Morello, Eddie Vedder, Roseanne, Steve Earle and R.E.M.

The Nutshell

Michael Moore released a movie about his 2004 election adventures. Nobody saw it, as the chose to forgo the theatrical release model and distribute on-line only. Breaking from the singular cause mode, Moore set out to make a film about his experience in regards to the elections. So, he grabbed some cups of ramen and clean underwear. He was going to bribe America’s youth, so that they would vote.

Douchebag meets Turd Sandwich.

The Lowdown

Michael Moore and self-praise go hand-in-hand. While he’s been able to keep under limited control in the past, the bullshit is front and center here. Whenever Moore can’t get you to focus on Bush bad, Kerry somewhat better…he wheels out celebs. The level of celebrity varies, as they spend most of their time openly blowing Moore. Recording the length of these out-of-place celeb spots, I’ve come to find out that 1/4 of the film is dedicated to these Hollywood elite taking the time to kiss Moore’s ass.

This is exactly how the Jefferson Starship got started.

I bring this up first, as the celeb worship only goes to show what’s wrong with Moore’s approach. He knows that the subject material is old and that the point of defeat is clearer than it was in 2000. Sure, Michael Moore wanted more kids to vote. But, notice in scenes when he’s put face to face with them at college speaking events. He acknowledges the would-be voters, before picking out hecklers. He pinpoints which dumb fuck will give him the fight and then he loses his focus.

She shits Diabetes and pisses blood.

Michael Moore is a polarizing figure for all the wrong reasons. Watching this DVD has shown that the guy’s an old-time huckster whose appeal is waning in the Web 2.0 age. He can’t focus on being a firebrand, a common man or a comedian. Focus is needed here, as there is a point to be made. But, it’s kind of hard to get attention when everyone thinks that their political bullshit matters.

Slacker Uprising is everything but what its title promises. Nobody learns anything and nothing is changed. We come closer and closer to acknowledging the nation of apathy. Hell, what happened when Moore did all of this? He made the news for bribing students with roughly three bucks worth of material. If that can make the headlines and not his purpose, something is lost. Just ask Joan Baez, right after she gets her tongue out of Moore’s ass.

Next Stop: Klendathu.

The Package

Slacker Uprising comes
the scattershot Disinfo approach. You get prank calls to Pfizer, reading sessions and other deleted scenes thrown onto the pile. A lot of it breaks out of the voting in 2004 mold. But, it’s fun and it looks good on DVD. The A/V Quality is sharp for the constant changes in video source. If you’re a Moore fan, you’ll probably want to pick this up. The Real America won’t.

A fun activity for the Talkbackers. Arrange the states by their importance to American society.

6.3 out of 10