UPDATE! The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Apple Corps has licensed Beatles tracks to Rock Band! It looks fucking official! What songs do you really, really want? List ‘em in the Comments!

I am a Rock Band fanboy, and even I must say that Harmonix has let us down in recent weeks. The free DLC has proven to be 20 songs of junk. The AC/DC track pack is a joke, and only available at Wal-Mart to boot. Rock Band 2, while making many great tweaks to the formula, has a track list that leaves a little to be desired.

But all of that could soon be wiped away. Kotaku is reporting that a big announcement is coming from Apple Corps and MTV tomorrow. MTV, as you know, is the poo-bah of Rock Band. And Apple Corps has nothing to do with computers and everything to do with the Beatles musical legacy.

Could it be? We know that Activision and MTV were both wooing Apple Corps in a big way, but the company has long been difficult when it comes to licensing the Beatles’ music. You still can’t buy Beatles songs on iTunes, for instance.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed but not getting too excited, despite some evidence that Kotaku offers for this being a Rock Band 2 announcement. If it is, this is the music rhythm game coup of the century, hands down.

Oh god, please let it be.