In case you’re one of the many folks who don’t already know that reality television is both a huge fucking joke and already a parody of itself, VH1 presents America’s Next Top Zombie Idol, a web series written and directed by G4’s Blair Butler and starring that blonde dude from the Alltell commercials. In what may be only the beginning, has five short webisodes of the reality spoof that examines whether or not an eclectic mix of zombies can live together. While I think it would be more entertaining to do a reality show that showcases the type of people so determined to “make it” that they take zombie roles in VH1 original web programming, I guess it is not the biggest waste of time in the world. When the joke’s revolve around zombie lore (the assortment of zombies trying to live together include slow-moving zombies and rage infected zombies), it actually manages to be funny. But answer me this– that is the guy that plays the blonde salesmen in those Alltell commercials, right?

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