If there’s one kaiju who could benefit from a shared universe cross-over, it’s Gamera. The fart-powered turtle monster (Roger Ebert said it first) has always gotten by on his goofier charm, but it’s tough not to view him as a second-string Godzilla. Thankfully, a lot of his films make up for this by being unapologetic in their childish idiocy. Gamera can never hold a candle to the Big G, but he’s tons of fun in his own “special” way.

Maybe that’s why this new trailer for Gamera just isn’t hitting the right spot for me. Now, before you start harping in on the cheesy effects, know that these kinds of movies need to be graded on a curve. Though it is disheartening to see everything fall victim to the beast of CGI (especially when Toho’s new Godzilla film will have old-fashioned dudes in suits), I will admit to some joy when Gamera fireballed the bejeezus out of that swarm of Gyaos (for my few Gamera nerds out there: GYAOS!). Other than that, it looks like this new version is taking the wrong kind of inspiration from the recent American version of Godzilla. This movie looks dark, and I mean that visually not tonally (having your dad promise you ramen and dumplings before he is chomped to death is far from grim). There is a bit of self-seriousness with our main character, but hopefully that’s just the trailer talking and not the movie as a whole.

Still, if you love some giant monster smackdowns, Gamera is a big part of that cinematic legacy and you owe the Friend of All Children at least one watch of his new movie. I’m hoping for a J-metal cover of the Gamera theme song:

Thanks to Chewer Chaz for the heads-up on this!

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