In a CHUD World Exclusive that we borrowed from Extra, Joaquin Phoenix is apparently done with Hollywood.  Like, really.  At the recent Paul Newman benefit, Phoenix confirmed a rumor to the TV news show:
“I want to take this opportunity… also to give you the exclusive and
just talk a little bit about the fact that this will be my last
performance as an actor… I’m not doing films anymore.” 
When pressed by Extra’s Jerry Penacoli, the Walk The Line star stated emphatically, “Yeah. I’m working on my music. I’m done. I’ve been through that.”  This fact has also reportedly been confirmed by Phoenix’s rep.  Casey Affelck, who was also at the benefit, absolutely cemented this as an unequivocal fact: “I don’t think he’s kidding. He’s got music and stuff.”

Wow.  If he really is serious, I’m not sure what to make of it.  Because honestly, there’s no reason he couldn’t do both and have a bang up career behind the mic like Keanu or Russell Crowe or…okay, I see where that line of thought is going.  Still, wow.

Thanks to Sabrica for the tip.


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