Now that J.J. Abrams has loosened the sphincter of his PR department, images from his upcoming Star Trek are beginning to seem alarmingly common. What was gold two weeks ago now has the value of rough zircon. Empire has three new stills, one showing John Cho in character as Sulu, and another (as partially seen above) featuring Zoe Saldana as your new Lt. Uhura.

I like Quinto’s Spock here more than I have so far, but the recent Empire cover shot (below) isn’t doing him many favors. He looks too much like a guy dressed up as Spock for Halloween. There just isn’t the otherworldliness that Leonary Nimoy embodied so perfectly. I hope that’s not the case when he’s walking and talking; performance can carry many qualities that might not be apparent in stills.

Head to Empire to see three new stills in their full glory.