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Dina Lohan Adresses Ugly Betty / Lindsay Rumors

Dina Lohan, mother of Lindsay, whose guest run on Ugly Betty was abruptly terminated due to reportedly feuding with star America Ferrera and diva-like behavior, dispels the rumors.

Uncle Mitch’s Take: “I take Dina Lohan completely at her word.”

Presidential Candidate Sen. Barack Obama’s planned 30-minute ad will interrupt programming such as the World Series, but ABC is not planning to interrupt is show, Pushing Daisies, which has been slipping in the ratings.

Uncle Mitch’s Take: “Maybe Ned can touch the McCain campaign and bring it back to life.”

Due to steadily sinking ratings, CBS is pulling the Elizabeth Reaser show ,The Ex-List from its Friday night lineup.  The freshman show concerns a woman, Bella, who is told by a psychic that she’s already met the man she is destined to marry, and only has one year to figure out which one it is or spend the rest of her life single.  The show has 11 episodes produced, with only four aired to date.

Mitch’s Take: “I tried the same thing once and got arrested for stalking.” has released more info regarding their upcoming third Stargate spinoff, Stargate: Universe, including some concept art. Te show is slated to begin production early next year for a Summer 2009 premiere.

Uncle Mitch’s Take: “From what I’ve read lately, the Ancient ship could be found orbiting Richard Dean Anderson.”

Futurama to Continue?

With the completion of the fourth straight-to-DVD Futurama film, Into The Wild Green Yonder, creator David X. Cohen is still hopeful that the show can continue, either with more made-for-DVD movies or even as a weekly series again.

Mitch’s Take: “I wouldn’t mind putting out Leela’s one eye if you get my drift.”