I don’t think the new trailer for Timecrimes quite captures the movie, but you have to give it up to Magnolia’s genre arm, Magnet, for keeping the Spanish dialogue in there. How many trailers for foreign films have you seen where no one actually manages to say a word?

Timecrimes blew me away at Sundance this year (before the insanity and joyfulness of director Nacho Vigalondo himself blew me away at Fantastic Fest), but the trailer doesn’t let you know what it is that was so impressive – this film is tighter than your high school girlfriend. Most time travel movies fall into sinkholes of paradox that, at best, offend any intelligent viewers. Timecrimes, on the other hand, plays with paradox with zest and a mischevious smile. In a lot of ways it’s like Primer, only more fun.

You can see the trailer here, but beware of spoilers. The third act of Time Crimes isn’t quite filled with ‘twists,’ but it is filled with delightful and terrifying imagination. This one opens in December, making it a real contender for every genre fan’s top ten list.