The Canadian series 24 Hour Rental has been picked up for stateside distribution and will be premiering on Hulu October 30. The show is part Sopranos meets Clerks and stars Romano Orzari from Turbo Kid and Michael Biehn. 24 Hour Rental will be featured on Hulu’s MACABRE channel before being released to other VOD sites in 2016. Check out the official plot synopsis below:

24 HOUR RENTAL follows former Mafia boss Tracker (Romano Orzari), who having barely avoided early retirement in a shallow grave, now operates a seedy video store. Struggling to stay afloat in the Internet age, Tracker runs his shop as a front for a host of petty crimes, from fencing jewelry to peddling dope cut with Drano and desperation, all in hopes of returning to power.

Michael Biehn in 24 Hour Rental