It’s almost Halloween, which means it’s time to hunker down and watch some horror films. If you live in Los Angeles you’re pretty damn lucky, since you’ll have a chance to watch two horror films in the company of a master of the genre – Clive Barker himself.

IGN is hosting a special double feature of Clive pictures at the New Beverly Cinema on October 29th, and the man himself will be there for a Q&A. And I bet it’s a feisty one, as they’ll be showing Midnight Meat Train, a movie that Lionsgate hated so very much they shit it into dollar theaters across the country rather than give it a real release. Clive was very unhappy with this, so expect him to chat about it at the New Bev. And as a horror fan you should be excited for the chance to see this in theaters, since it never played in Los Angeles as far as I know.

The other film is Candyman, a movie that’s much better than its terrible sequels will lead you to believe. I’d have programmed Nightbreed, but then again that’s why I write for CHUD and not IGN.

Tickets are only 7 bucks for the double feature, but you can’t buy them in advance – you have to show up at the New Bev on the night and get in line, just like the old days! I’ll most likely be in attendance, so feel free to stop by and say hi. Go to the New Bev site for directions and more info.