When Wes Craven passed away in August, horror lost one of its most beloved directors. Craven himself was a real class act as a human being, and one of the friendliest guys you could get to meet in a genre that is populated with marvelous people. Craven of course directed at least two horror masterpieces in Scream and A Nightmare on Elm Street, and he’s responsible for both discovering Johnny Depp and for having directed the first truly weak Eddie Murphy comedy.

Over the course of his career, Craven mostly stuck to horror, but he didn’t just repeat the same things over and over again. He made movies about voodoo, vampires, witchcraft, terrorists, the Amish, mutants, swamp monsters, werewolves, and of course resurrected girls enhanced with artifical intelligence. He cast singer Gloria Estefan in one of his movies, he directed both Morgan Freeman and Bruce Willis in TV episodes, he directed Meryl Streep in an Academy Award nominated performance, and he of course directed a hardcore porn. Whatever you might think about Craven’s filmography, and it does include more misfires than hits, but it certainly isn’t boring.

As a loving tribute, we at CHUD chose to review everything Craven had ever directed in his lifetime. Get yourself something to drink and snacks, get your significant other, then Netflix and chill the fuck out of this:


Scream 4 (2011) ~ review by Flynn Keaton
My Soul to Take (2010) ~ Drew Dietsch
Paris je t’aime (2006) ~ Flynn Keaton
Red Eye (2005) ~ Flynn Keaton
Cursed (2005) ~ Drew Dietsch
Scream 3 (2000) ~ Flynn Keaton
Music of the Heart (1999) ~ Flynn Keaton
Scream 2 (1997) ~ Flynn Keaton
Scream (1996) ~ Flynn Keaton
Vampire in Brooklyn (1995) ~ Ryan Covey
New Nightmare (1994) ~ Drew Dietsch
The People Under the Stairs (1991) ~ Drew Dietsch
Night Visions (1990) ~ Ryan Covey
Shocker (1989) ~ Andrew Hawkins
The Serpent and the Rainbow (1987) ~ Drew Dietsch
Casebusters (1986) ~ Flynn Keaton
Deadly Friend (1986) ~ Andrew Hawkins
The Hills Have Eyes II (1985) ~ Andrew Hawkins
Chiller (1985) ~ Flynn Keaton
A Nightmare on Elm Street (1984) ~ Flynn Keaton
Invitation to Hell (1984) ~ Ryan Covey
Swamp Thing (1982) ~ Andrew Hawkins
Deadly Blessing (1981) ~ Ryan Covey
Summer of Fear (1978) ~ Flynn Keaton
The Hills Have Eyes (1977) ~ Ryan Covey
Angela is the Fireworks Woman (1975) ~ Ryan Covey
The Last House on the Left (1972) ~ Andrew Hawkins

Craven’s TV episodes ~ Flynn Keaton
The Twilight Zone (1985) episode 1×01: Shatterday
The Twilight Zone (1985) episode 1×01: A Little Peace And Quiet
The Twilight Zone (1985) episode 1×02: Wordplay
The Twilight Zone (1985) episode 1×02: Chameleon
The Twilight Zone (1985) episode 1×08: Dealer’s Choice
The Twilight Zone (1985) episode 1×12: Her Pilgrim Soul
The Twilight Zone (1986) episode 2×07: The Road Less Traveled
Nightmare Cafe (1992) episode 1×6: Aliens Ate My Lunch