I love the kicker in this new international trailer for Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince. Finally, Harry is using his fame and potency to get laid in addition to destroying evil. Suddenly the story feels so much more real. (I haven’t read the book and if that’s not how the encounter actually plays out, don’t tell me. I’d rather keep my advertising illusions, thanks.)

Though this isn’t as taut a clip as the US teaser, I appreciate how much is shown off here. Dumbledore Moses looks fantastic, and I like the way David Yates is adding more fire and spectacular magic to the visual palette. As long as Harry isn’t running from wind at 0:31, we’ll be good.

Oddly, though, the film is still promised for ‘this year’, which makes me wonder where WB UK has been hiding this trailer, and how it managed to surface now without the proper release date appended. (That’s July 17, 2009 in the States.)