Fox’s A-Team re-do/remake/whatever is stalled out. Because the picture is at Fox, it’s been undergoing a steady stream of rewrites, and John Singleton would rather be trawling flea markets looking to beat the shit out of DVD bootleggers than stick around waiting for another draft. So the director is out, leaving the picture with…what? No confirmed cast, no director, and not even a script the studio is behind. (Granted, if I wrote a script Fox could get behind, I’d burn it.)

Fox is now calling the film a June 11, 2010 release where it will be sandwiched between Shrek Goes Fourth and Prince of Persia on one end (5/21 and 5/28, respectively) and a little picture called Toy Story 3 on the other, as Pixar’s weekend is June 18, 2010. That’s neither the best nor the worst place to be. But who is this going to attract given the studio, prior history and middling release schedule?

Fox also shuffled a couple of other pictures around: Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson’s Tooth Fairy went from June to Thansgiving ’09; the Chris Columbus-directed I Love You, Beth Cooper went from March 27 to July 10; They Came From Upstairs went from February 13 to July 31; and Columbus’s next film, Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief, went from ’09 to July 2, 2010.