The trailer for Gran Torino, Clint Eastwood’s 2008 Oscar grab*, has appeared on Apple, and in a truly glorious moment that will be forever sung about in the halls of Valhalla, Clint points a rifle at a Hmong kid and says

‘Get off my lawn.’

The trailer for the film actually makes the early rumors that this was a Dirty Harry sequel seem almost founded – there’s a real Callahan vibe to the proceedings in general, and an emphasis on impending violence.

This is where we make our guesses as to what happens at the end of the film. My money is on Clint’s character being dead by the finale, either from the gang or just a heart attack. Either way he goes out a free man and not in the jail of a retirement home. His next door neighbor drives off in that Gran Torino, towards a brighter future.

That’s my guess – put yours in the comments below.

* and with a number of potential Oscar movies vacating the end of the year, it looks like his picture, no matter the quality, is a lock.