The seemingly indefatigable Gary Cole is set to join HBO’s Entourage, according to The Hollywood Reporter.  Cole is slated to play Jeremy Piven’s Ari Gold’s oldest Hollywood friend, agent Andrew Klein.  The three-episode run that introduces Cole to the show is set to run in November.  Cole has most recently been seen in Pineapple Express and on Desperate Housewives

Cole is simply one of my favorite actors.  He’s easily one of the best utility guys working today and can easily shift from the super funny to the odd to the deadly serious.  I would watch him on a show I hate just to see him work.  Here’s a guy who has equal amounts of genre cred (American Gothic), comedy icon status (Office Space), cartoon cache (Harvey Birdman) and mainstream appeal.  This can only help Entourage, a show going well into its fifth season. 

Cole already has experience playing a Hollywood pinhead, in one of the better episodes of Supernatural (“Hollywood Babylon”), so I expect him to slip right in and own the role.  His next upcoming project is The Joneses with David Duchovny and Demi Moore.