I would like to introduce you to the light and the way. His name is Budd Boetticher, and he has a box set featuring five of his films and a documentary about him. come to this light.


Who doesn’t like lists? If you read a site like Chud, you’re probably not a fan of either of the sequels coming out today. Yet, there are reasons for liking both. I’m going to come up with a number.

1. THIS MAY NOT BE FOR YOU: Cinema should have a number of voices. And not every movie is meant for every audience. I am not the audience of either of these pictures, so I don’t feel the need to say anything about either that is negative because of the eight films that have come from these franchises, I’ve seen one. And I thought the first Saw was okay. But at this point, the franchises are what they are. And that either interests you or it doesn’t.

2. IF YOU GREW UP IN THE 1980’S YOU CAN’T COMPLAIN ABOUT THE SAW FRANCHISE: If you think the Saw films are shit, but have a soft spot for Friday the 13th Part V: The New Blood, or any Nightmare on Elm Street sequel past the third film, or pretty much any of the Halloween sequels, then you can’t suggest that the rapid-fire sequels that have been born of the 21st Century deserve to be ridiculed any more than the rapid-fire releases of the 80’s.

3. IF YOU LOVE MUSICALS, YOU CAN’T COMPLAIN ABOUT THE HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL FRANCHISE: The Musical has been dead for nearly forty years, with a couple of exceptions, if any of the High School Musical films leads someone to Fred Astaire or Singing in the Rain, then all is not lost. And if HM3 gets to $100, then with Hairspray, and Mamma Mia! and this, then maybe the musical isn’t dead, and maybe Spielberg will get around to making his. Hell, a number of modern filmmakers would probably kill to a do a musical (Spike Lee and Quentin Tarantino likely among them).

4. EVERY GENERATION GETS THE FRANCHISES THEY DESERVE: Look, I may not be a fan of either of these, but everyone has a soft spot for the shit they grew up on, and I think there is value in the Saw franchise in that it’s not a remake or sequel, and lord knows I saw Freddy’s Dead in the theater even though I knew it would be a piece of shit before I saw it. But Nightmare was mine, and so I’d see it to its end. If I grew up on horror films in a more current setting, I might have been hooked by the first film, and kept up with it because the Saw franchise has been around for the last four years.

5. THERE’S BETTER THINGS TO SEE THIS WEEKEND: Synedoche, NY. opens today. If you haven’t seen Ball of Fire, or Seven Men from Now, they are on DVD. Shit, Seven Men From Now is one of the greatest films you’ll ever see. Go watch it and tell me I’m wrong. “You move like you’re alive all over.” Go Lee Marvin. Go.


Oh shit, High School Musical is something like a phenomenon (digg it!), so it’ll rule the box office. It could even challenge The Dark Knight to be the biggest hit of the year. Also making piles of money will be Saw V, which may also challenge The Dark Knight to be the biggest hit of the year. Pride and Glory, which may also challenge The Dark Knight to be the biggest hit of the year, will not challenge The Dark Knight to be the biggest hit of the year, in fact it should leave a doo-doo trail from the bed.

HUGE… Tracks of land:
1. High School Musical 3 - $40 Million
2. Saw V – $26.7 Million
3. Max Payne - $8.6 Million
4. Beverly Hills Chihuahua - $8 Million
5. Pride and Glory – $7.5 Million

If Pride and Glory attempts the triple Lindy and cracks its head and does less, do not be surprised. See you Sunday.