We’re at the point with Tim Burton’s upcoming 3D, partially po-capped Alice in Wonderland where I have to set aside all preconceptions. Every idea and assumption that occurs as I parse casting news has to go. Because while many of Burton’s choices seem so obvious, by which I mean worn thin, they may also be so right.

Case in point: Crispin Glover is now in the cast as the Knave of Hearts. I.E. he’s the guy the King and Queen of Hearts want to decapitate and for whom Alice leaps to the defense. (The Mad Hatter is also in there — cue another Glover/Depp act-off.)

Glover is probably a perfect addition. I don’t know how he and Burton have eluded each other for so long. And, after his Beowulf experience, it’s easy to guess that the actor will be right at home with whatever digital performance capture becomes integral to the film. His Grendel was, after all, a characterization for the ages.

The Knave isn’t a big part; he’s really just in that one sequence. I hope Burton keeps it that way. Glover is great in small doses. In fact, I’m going to cue up his Wild at Heart scene right now.