I’m dead positive that I ran a piece about Perrier’s Bounty back in February, but can’t find the damn thing to link to for the life of me. Perhaps I just thought about covering the film, before getting distracted by a piece of dark chocolate, or tin foil. So this is an update to a phantom report.

Perrier’s Bounty is a gangster picture directed by Ian Fitzgibbon, who made A Film With Me In It and Spin the Bottle, neither of which I’ve caught. But the writer on this picture is Mark O’Rowe, who captured unease and sensitivity in his adaptation of the novel Boy A.

More important, the film features Brendan Gleeson, Jim Broadbent and now Cillian Murphy. The latter has just joined to replace Wanted‘s James McAvoy. Like A Film With Me In It, this is a comedic thriller — almost certainly destined to be compared more to In Bruges — about “three fugitives on the run from a
big-time gangster out for revenge following the accidental death of one
of his gang members.”
That logline is as standard as they come, but this trio of actors might be enough to sell it. No midget jokes required. Filming begins in November in London, Dublin and other locations in Ireland.