MSRP: $39.98
RATED: Not Rated
RUNNING TIME: 300 minutes
Commentaries on all episodes with Rob Dyrdek, Big Black, Drama, Zeus, Jeff Tremaine, and Ruben Fleischer
Deleted Scenes

“Best, Worst, and Unused” Episode


The Pitch

Skaters and black guys can work it out.

The Humans

Rob Dyrdek, Big Black, Drama, Zeus, Jeff Tremaine and Ruben Fleischer

The Nutshell

Rob and Big Black have a new season of hi-jinks. What are they going to do with that mini-horse or dog? Will they skate? Will Big Black teach Rob something about life? When will Jeff Tremaine dump this show and give more Chris Pontius footage on MTV? Some of these questions will be answered.

The real face of riding dirty.

The Lowdown

Rob and Big: The Complete Third Season is
a fun series that still exists on MTV2. After Wonder Showzen and assorted others went the way of the dinosaur, Rob and Big hang on. Fifteen episodes are presented here, but none of them reach the heights of emotion that is shown in Poop in the Pool. Somebody took a shit in Rob’s pool and Rob is furious. That pool was one of the first indicators that Rob made it as a skater. Big Black attempts to provide comfort, but there’s not a quantum of solace to be had.

Rob watched in shock. For he had been told that if food wasn’t covered in Grape Kool-Aid, Big Black would explode. These myths and more will be busted tonight on Mythbusters.

People are subjected to a polygraph test, which pushes the limits of the friendships on display. Rob nearly loses the trust of drama, as he brutally antagonizes his friend. When does the quest to discover who pooped in your pool become too much? Luckily, the gang patches things up and they move onto more adventures. Such as getting into the Guinness World Book of Records. Fun, huh?

The other episodes lack the intensity of the season premiere. That’s not to say that an episode dedicated to racing turtles wasn’t thrilling. It’s just that these episodes stretch out a five minute premise to twenty-two minutes. It’s a stretch that almost pushes the material into the boring. Shows like that don’t survive among ADHD plagued teens by being boring. So, what’s wrong with it?

Look, kids…IT’S A POLYGRAPH!

The show is a great collection of ideas that never plays as well for extended amounts of time. I found similar issues with Kenny vs. Spenny, but that’s neither here nor there. Showrunner Jeff Tremaine has had massive amounts of success with Wild Boyz and Jackass in the past. This show doesn’t feel as fun as those, since so much of the antics feel put on. There’s no sense of wild happenings and it kills the show’s momentum.

Rob and Big: The Complete Third Season is a wonderful TV on DVD release. It works for what it’s meant to do, but it doesn’t push the material any further. This isn’t something that you have to own, but it could help to pass a slow evening. If you’re a skating fan, you’ve seen better. If you’re a comedy fan, you’ve seen better. If you like miniature horses and meaty dogs, this is the program for you.

I want to see a show dedicated to Meaty.

The Package

Rob and Big: The Complete Third Season comes
to DVD with a fun release. The A/V Quality is pretty sharp for recent television. But, what makes the package are the special features. Hell, watching the Rob vs. Tony Hawk comparison was pretty fun. Plus, it reminds me how damn old I am when Hawk is called the elder statesman of skateboarding. I bet these damn kids don’t even remember Bucky Lasek. I don’t even want to think about it. While I cry in a corner, I’ll recommend this title for a rental.

Spider-Man test footage shot by Boll KG.

6.6 out of 10