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Charlie Sheen, Brooke Mueller Expecting Twins

Two and a Half Men star Charlie Sheen and his wife are expecting twin boys.  The former Hollywood bad boy already has three daughters, Cassandra, 23, Sam, 4, and Lola, 3 from previous relationships, including the last two with ex-wife Denise Richards (It’s Complicated). 

Uncle Mitch’s Take: “Coming to Bravo, Fall 2011: Brooke Mueller: Man It’s Really Complicated.”

Former Moonlight and Veronica Mars bad boy Jason Dohring is coming back to TV, in an HBOP comedy series, Washingtonienne.  Dohring will play a senior legislative assistant on the show, which will focus on the sexual exploits of three female Hill staffers.

Uncle Mitch’s Take: “Now I know why people don’t vote.”

 Cassidy Freeman, who plays Tess Mercer, Lex Luthor’s handpicked successor on Smallville, spills the beans on some sexy secrets of the show. 

Mitch’s Take: “The only Smallville secret I want to know is if Erica Durance is really just a CGI fantasy broad.”

Although the Emmy Award-winning Tina Fey comedy isn’t set to begin airing until next week, the season premiere is now available at 

Uncle Mitch’s Take: “Now if only we could get rid of Sarah Palin a week early…”

Lohan’s Run on Ugly Betty Cut Short

Amid reports that Lindsay Lohan had resorted to her bad girl behavior on the set of Ugly Betty, including rumored spats with star America Ferrera and forgetting her bloomers for a scene, her series run has been abruptly shortened.

Mitch’s Take: “Flash: Lindsay Lohan screwing up.  In other breakin’ news, tasering your nuts really hurts.”

The Nielsens came back for Game 1 of the World Series between the Philadelphia Phillies and the Tampa Bay Rays Wednesday night.  The game averaged 13.9 million viewers, topping every demo for its duration.

Uncle Mitch’s Take: “The Yankees was robbed!  Robbed I tell ya!”

Production for the seventh season of the Larry David comedy is slated for a December beginning, with an eye for premiering early in 2009.

Mitch’s Take: “18 months between seasons.  Yeah, my enthusiasm’s pretty sufficiently friggin’ curbed.”

The Sci-Fi Channel has given the greenlight for a spinoff of the popular show, Ghost Hunters, to be called Ghost Hunters: College Edition (working title).

Uncle Mitch’s Take: “Great, you even get screwed on tuition in the afterlife.”