Spike’s 2008 Scream Awards has the best concept for post-show linkage of any awards ceremony: show a bunch of new footage so that we constantly have to talk about the show the following day. The crown jewel of new clips at the show last night was Watchmen, but also making a showing was Twilight (represented by some of the Comic Con footage) and Friday the 13th, also represented by a Comic Con clip. (Which I didn’t see, but Devin covered during the Con.) We didn’t run any bootleg clips back in July, so this clip is probably still new to some of you.

The first thing that comes to mind watching this clip is just how consistent Platinum Dunes movies look; even in a low-res format I feel as if I could take shots of screaming kids out of this teaser and insert them into any other PD film without anyone noticing. ’80s slasher films often had a really consistent look as well (read: flat and cheap) but here the similarity is really noticable.

Then there’s, yes, fast Jason. I don’t mind it at all — I agree with Devin on the point that the forced slowness of Jason is a throwback. Handled perfectly, the slow killer of yore could work, but I’m perfectly happy to see him pick up speed. Especially since it’ll lead to funny and pathetic online fanboy screeds.

UPDATE: The official teaser has been posted to MySpace. It’s a bit different, and uses Mama Voorhees’s voieover narration to set up the basic story from the end of the original movie.