If there is one movie that wouldn’t hurt getting remade, it’s King Kong vs. Godzilla. While the original film has plenty of charm and a good showdown between the titular titans, it never rose to the heights of its promise. It looks like that promise could yet be fulfilled.

Deadline reports that the current King Kong picture Kong: Skull Island is moving over to Warner Bros. And who owns the American version of Godzilla at this juncture? None other than the WB themselves.

This is nothing but good news. Even if Kong: Skull Island ends up wetting the bed (which I pray it doesn’t considering its pretty stellar cast), it can bolster itself with the promise of a Godzilla smackdown in the future. And if you don’t want to see two giant monsters duke it out on the big screen, what are doing reading a site like CHUD?

I have to believe that this means Kong’s size is going to ramp up considerably. The 2014 version of the King of the Monsters (can you guess whose team I’m on?) was the largest he’s ever been, so Kong will have to bulk up if he wants to stand toe to toe with the Big G. Another interesting turn will probably be the creatures’ allegiances. In the original King Kong vs. Godzilla, Kong was p[ortrayed as the more heroic of the two, but with 2014’s Godzilla painting everyone favorite radioactive giant as the savior of the planet, does this mean that Kong will have to be the aggressor this time around?

Whenever this project finally takes off, you know we’ll be on it.

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