UPDATE: Here is the album cover just released by Waxwork Records with the following statement: Check out the album art for C.H.U.D. by Ghoulish Gary Pullin. The full, never before released soundtrack will be available to pre order tomorrow in two vinyl variants: 180 gram C.H.U.D. flesh and blood splatter & 180 gram Toxic Waste Puddle. Features an interview with the film’s director courtesy of Rue Morgue and exclusive composer liner notes, a printed inner sleeve, and more. “They’re not staying down there, anymore!”


For the first time ever, the score for C.H.U.D. will be released this fall. Waxwork Records has crafted an amazing looking vinyl record version of this iconic soundtrack by composers Martin Cooper & David A. Hugues. The quality of work Waxwork Records has been putting out shows that they will be bringing us the best possible release imaginable. Their recent output including the scores for Nightbreed, Creepshow, Starry Eyes and Friday the 13th Part II have all been equally phenomenal, and each album shows high quality attention to detail and love for the source material.

Here are some new images showing two variants of the record. The first is the “Subscriber Manhole Cover” variant which is an exclusive for the 2015 Waxwork Records Subscription members. Second is the “Toxic Waste Puddle” variant and they both look fantastic. These LPs include the entirety of the film’s score and have been specifically mastered for vinyl. The art design by Toronto illustrator Gary Pullin really captures the essence of the film’s imagery, and they both just look flat out cool. Check out the images below along with some samples from the soundtrack. The album will be available for pre-order this Friday at the official Waxwork website located HERE. Enjoy!

chud 2

chud 3