Last week we brought you the non-news that Todd Field is developing Cormac McCarthy’s Blood Meridian. That project may be getting back-burnered, though, as he’s been hired to direct Buried at Paramount Vantage. The film is based on an article by Hillel Levin and James
Keene (which I’m guessing makes it a true story) about a couple [beep! We’ve been informed that the previous synopsis was wrong] who “are forced to cope with the fallout on their relationship after they commit a crime.”

The script is being written by Brad Inglesby, who is like the go-to guy in Hollywood this week – he just signed on to write Sleeper for Sam Raimi.

For people who watch the studios as well as the movies, Buried is the first film for the new regime at Vantage. The dependent studio is now being run by Guy Stodel, one of the producers of the new Texas Chainsaw Massacre movies, and people were wondering what direction Vantage would be going. Buried seems to be splitting the difference between Stodel’s genre background and Vantage’s arty, director-driven mandate. No complaints from this nerd!