I had to grab this story from the guys at Joblo about the possibility of a Lost movie because I’m currently in the middle of discovering the ship that sailed on me the first time around.  According to show runner Damon Lindelof, the likelihood of there being a theatrical movie based on the Bizarroverse Gilligan’s Island is not very.

Lindelof explains that “People have been so patient with the show and to basically say that we’re going to end the TV show but we’re going to leave some questions unanswered so that you can pay $14 and go see it in the theater?…”  My take on this?  Excellent.  Too often people are looking to go to the well after its dried up, and this is probably never more apparent than with the recent X-Files flick. 

I missed out on Lost during its initial runs on TV four years ago.  I don’t remember what it was I was watching instead of Jack, Kate, Locke and company, but now, thanks to reruns on Sci-Fi Channel and uh…other sources, I’m currently at the point where Michael and Sawyer got blowed up on the raft, the hatch cover got blowed open, and Kate, Jack and Locke get (re)introduced to Desmond.  Somewhere I know that someone is waiting to say, “aw, man, you’re right at the beginning of _____ where _____ happens and ____ gets revealed to be previously associated to ______.  Rest assured, I’ll get there in due time.  I’m currently freebasing this show like Charlie and a stash of Nigerian Virgin Marys (see, I don’t even know if he falls off the wagon yet…but I will).

Abrams has said that he isn’t against it as much as he used to be.  But I say, wrap the show up in the next couple of years and let those of you who have suffered the long hiatuses and the drawn out storylines to move on in peace.  I figure by Christmas at the latest, I’ll be caught up with you and then we’ll all be in the same boat…uh raft.