UPDATE! On Monday I did a staggering FOUR HOURS of internet talk radio with the guys at the Slashfilmcast. I first did the actual show, and the stuck around for the ‘Slashfilmcast After Dark,’ which is like two hours more of the same show. But more poorly lit.

Anyway, it was a whole lot of fun, and I want to thank David Chen for continuing to bug me into being on his show. Dave seems to have edited that live Slashfilmcast into something a little more wieldy (here’s hoping my tasteless Bernie Mac joke made it in, though), and you can click here to listen to it while you’re supposed to be doing work or something.

The Slashfilmcast After Dark will run on Friday, and I’ll link you to that when it goes live.

Hey friends! I’m live on the internet radio show Slashfilmcast RIGHT FUCKING NOW. You can listen using the client below. I think. If it works.